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Where Have You Been

Oh dear blog how i have missed you ! Well , where to start ? So much has been happening in my ‘whirlwind in a jar’ lifeĀ  . I say in a jar because although at times things are a little crazy , it always seems to stay contained. Since i have been gone a lot has happened! My faith has been tried and tested to it’s max , my marriage has been the wildest of rollercoaster rides at times , i have BOTH children home and my darling husband is home on midtour in a few days. Oh and i just happen to have lost 16lb. Things are good ! The Lord has brought me through tough times and i am feeling blessed rather than stressed!!

Anyway guys & gals i just wanted to check in and let you all know that i will be back .

Hugs & Blessings

Mrs B.



So , as i am sat in my usual spot on my comfy chair with a rather squished pillow , i am feeling ……. i am feeling ………. Oh , well i dont really know how to describe it . I feel like i am switched off somewhere , like i am not functioning for anything more than is necessary, The reaon for me feeling this way ? A matter of forgiveness , what do we do when an individual continually hurts us , lets us down , damages us emotionally & mentally and generally becomes a drain on us ?! Now as a Christian i know we should strive for forgiveness , we must forgive to be forgiven . It is a sin not to forgive …… BUT just how much must we go through before it begins to penetrate the fragile balance between being a sinner and being too hurt to recover. . . .