From The Mouths Of Mutts

Well Woof Woof to you !!

Here is our page , if you are wondering who “we” happen to be then look no further . We are the resident dogs of the Mr & Mrs B residence . Quite often our human refers to us as her fur babies , yeah , we thought the same thing , CRAZY WOMAN !! I am Lou the biggest and best obviosuly and the bouncy barky creature is my pup Hamish , i had SEVEN of them you know . Seriously you humans complain about one , another thing yours don’t have pointy little teeth , OUCHH is the only word for it !!

Anyway , i can smell something good …. sniff … sniff… hmmm …. pheasant ….. haha i will catch you this time ………….

Oh , sorry what was i saying oh yeah my humans … yeah they are pretty neat . However the big lady one keeps talking about us needing a ……………….. “post winter bath” …………… all i know is that i heard the word bath . NOT GOOD !!!!!!

Hamish , Hunstanton January 2012

 Lou , Mildenhall August 2012

Febuary 5th …. Doggy Wonderland

Well Woof Woof again , my human has gone to the room that smells good and has put that noist contraption on that makes hot water , so i thought i would sneak on here and tell you what we did yesterday . Oh it’s Hamish by the way ,mum said i could have a go at writing something. Anyway …. The most amazing thing happened yesterday , out human let me out for a pee FINALLY man i hate being in that cage thingy i mean come on i promised her i wouldnt eat her shoes…… i mean they do smell good …. Oh right yeah so i went for a pee and there was this ….. this ….. well everything was cold and FLUFFY !!! It was weird , and smelt kinda funny too , i made the mistake of sticking my snout in it & sniffing really hard …. OUCH  …. This stuff went right up my snout , what was it ?! Mum seemed pretty happy to see it so i guesses it was pretty safe , it felt funny under my paws and WOW amazing to run and jump and roll about in !! Our human has a puppy , Ella . She came out in this stuff , she kept screaming NO …… NO …… NO . I asked mum what she was yelling about and shhe laughed …….. “SNOW Hamish , she is saying SNOW” Mmm so this mysterious stuff is snow , cool . Well anyway me and the human pup were having great fun running and rolling and she was throwing the snow for me . Our human was making a …. emm lemme ask mum what it was ….. Ahh yes a snow….man ??? Yeah …. so i really like the snow ….. Mmm where’s my bone gone ………………

Snow Fun , Hamish Febuary 2012


2 thoughts on “From The Mouths Of Mutts

    • Hey ,

      The photo of Hamish was on my phone & Lou was when we took her for a walk after the pups were born ? You remember ? We also took the pics of me against the tree ?

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