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The Day I Met The Rest Of My Life

Hey there bloggers ! So i decided to share this story as it has been a year since i met my now darling husband Daniel aka Mr B. We spent some fun giggly time over the telephone reminiscing over the good times this weekend and then Daniel’s cousin asked me to share the story of how we met. The conversations were only a few hours apart and i took it as a little message from God that talking about our story was good for us. I mean , come on …What gets us more in love and excited about our partners than remembering those first exciting days , weeks and months. So here we go , with love in my heart and excitement on my mind ….. OUR STORY !!! This is the first photo taken of us , just before we started dating !

I met Daniel through a mutual friend. I had just moved to Suffolk the week before and really was not in a “guy-friendly” place in my life . I was tired from moving everything 500miles and was looking forwards to a relaxed evening . I was only wearing a pair of comfy loose blue jeans a plain white T-shirt , slightly ruffled hair and the smallest amount of make-up!! I was suprised when i walked into their livingroom and there was a new face looking at me ……


Usually we were a small group and when i had asked who would be there he had not been mentioned !! I nodded politely and settled myself for the movie , throughout the movie i felt “watched” & when i looked over there was Daniel quite blatantly STARING at me , not usually when you catch a man looking they will look away embarassed they got caught , NOPE not Daniel , he just carried on grinning at me like a slightly crazy person . I just kind of raised an eyebrow and looked away trying to hide a very bemused smile …. So it came to leaving time and the movie was still playing so i attempted to walk away quietly without disturbing everybody . However Daniel  had other plans , practically bouncing on his seat he announced “BYEEEE” very loudly !! I just stared at him , blinked then walked away…… However a week later we would get a second chance ! As a group we would all go to our local bar twice a month and on the Friday it was my turn to make the food , so as my place was small and there was a crowd of us going out i took my “wares” to the same mutual friend . I walked in , put the food in kitchen and strolled into her livingroom. I was behind a GF of mine and when we walked in he commented to my friend is that your perfume , it’s nice ! I popped out from behind her and said “nope that’s me!” . HaHa , he nearly fell off his chair …. I just smiled and walked by him back into the kitchen , he was quick off his chair and trotted in behind me . Very chatty & keen to engage me in conversation. I was trying to prepare food so was slightly distracted and turned away (That night i had cut an old t-shirt and from a normal crew-neck i had taken a low V into the back of it , which showed off the tattoos on my back) You can imagine my surprise when i felt somebody touching my back , yep , DANIEL !! I brushed it off and smiled thanking him for the compliment . BUT HE KEPT TOUCHING ME !! I , in the end laughed and made a joke about it!! So we all ate and then headed off to the bar , after settling down at a table Daniel of course found a chair next to me . We talked all night and then parted at the end of the evening with no further arrangements made or numbers exchanged. But we got another chance the next night as we were both attending a joint friends birthday. I felt excited this night about seeing Daniel , we had got on very well the night before ! It was funny this night as we had realised that we did like each other , so we were very shy & cautious around each other . Neither of us wanting to sit too close or accidentally brush hands … it was sweet & exciting. You know how it is when you meet someone VERY special !! We were sat slightly off of thr main group and again talked all night …. Daniel even braved casually resting his hand on my shoulder. It was funny watching our friends exchange amused glances & little sniggers in our direction . . . . But we were just too busy , with each other to care !!