Poor Baby

So, on Friday i picked Ella up from school like normal and in her little book bag was the newsletter for her class. There was a note on there about a sickness bug going around the school , Eww ! So after a weekend at her dad’s there was still no sign of a sick girl , phew sigh of relief ! I tucked her up in bed as normal and I settled down on the couch for some Sunday night viewing. Around 11pm i went to the kitchen for a drink and heard the most almighty wailing coming from upstairs , Ella was screaming something about her pyjama top. So i ran upstairs to see what was happening and found poor Ella covered in sick and very upset . So i got her all cleaned off and delivered some nice clean bed sheets and fresh pyjamas. This went on through the night , she had caught the dreaded sickness bug , wonderful !! I have a crazy busy week and a barfing child . The most infuriating thing is she is completely normal otherwise and incredibly bored at having to stay home and watch tv all day under a blanket on the couch , Oh the hardships of being sick !!


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