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Got My First Pheasant

So it is a beaaaautiful sunny January day and i am enjoying the drive back from my gym session …. Up ahead i can see a BIG pheasant crossing the road , like most pheasants he is taking his sweet merry time . I am starting to believe pheasants actually play “chicken” with cars !! Anyway so pheasant number one lets call him Bob !! So Bob gets safely across the road and then his buddy Bill thinks he will raise him on the chicken stakes ! The stupid bird runs out a mere few metres in front of me and then proceeds to go in a circle . Now in my mind he is yelling “hey Bob , Bob , HEY BOB !! Check me out woooohoooo …. bleeehhhhouuchhawww” AND yes you guessed it his feathery little butt met the underside of my car with an almighty collection of thumps ! A rather hesitant glance in my rear view mirror found him still flapping around in circles on the road !!! ” OHHHH MYYY GOSHHHHH BOB DID YOU SEEEEEE THAT ?? WOOHOO , I WIN !! YOU OWE ME A WORM BUDDY, EPIC!!! “



So , as i am sat in my usual spot on my comfy chair with a rather squished pillow , i am feeling ……. i am feeling ………. Oh , well i dont really know how to describe it . I feel like i am switched off somewhere , like i am not functioning for anything more than is necessary, The reaon for me feeling this way ? A matter of forgiveness , what do we do when an individual continually hurts us , lets us down , damages us emotionally & mentally and generally becomes a drain on us ?! Now as a Christian i know we should strive for forgiveness , we must forgive to be forgiven . It is a sin not to forgive …… BUT just how much must we go through before it begins to penetrate the fragile balance between being a sinner and being too hurt to recover. . . .

To Serve

So for a while i have been feeling a longing to serve somehow , to help others that need me. I just don’t have the details yet …. Frustrating … I know i will get my answer eventually. . . .

Hamish’s BIG Day Out

So i decided to take Hamish for his first day out without his mammy ! The three of us took a little drive to Hunstanton . We shared a fish N chips and then took a stroll on the beach. Hamish was a VERY good boy , off the leash he behaved impecably , only running off once but coming back within three name calls. So proud of my BIG boy .

Poor Baby

So, on Friday i picked Ella up from school like normal and in her little book bag was the newsletter for her class. There was a note on there about a sickness bug going around the school , Eww ! So after a weekend at her dad’s there was still no sign of a sick girl , phew sigh of relief ! I tucked her up in bed as normal and I settled down on the couch for some Sunday night viewing. Around 11pm i went to the kitchen for a drink and heard the most almighty wailing coming from upstairs , Ella was screaming something about her pyjama top. So i ran upstairs to see what was happening and found poor Ella covered in sick and very upset . So i got her all cleaned off and delivered some nice clean bed sheets and fresh pyjamas. This went on through the night , she had caught the dreaded sickness bug , wonderful !! I have a crazy busy week and a barfing child . The most infuriating thing is she is completely normal otherwise and incredibly bored at having to stay home and watch tv all day under a blanket on the couch , Oh the hardships of being sick !!

Hello world!

Well Hello there !!

A big warm welcome to the blog that belongs to Me & Mr B . We will get up and running properly soon.

Until then , please keep an eye out for new pictures , stories and more of our adventure !

Nik AKA Mrs B 🙂